Caring for your lace wigs

Lace front units are inherently different from "full lace wigs". To understand how to maintain a lace front, you must first understand the construction. A lace front unit has two main sections to the cap: a lace frontal piece, and a wefted back piece. The hairs on the lace frontal piece are individually hand-tied to the lace, however, the hairs on the wefted portion are machine sewn. In contrast, the hairs on the entire cap of a full lace wig are "hand-tied". This difference is a portion of why you will find slightly more shedding in a lace front wig than you would a full lace wig.

The hair in the wefted portion of the unit is more prone to slipping out and shedding, than the hair that is individually hand-tied to the lace. With this in mind, here are some tips to help minimize shedding:

  •     Do not brush/comb hair while wet
  • When detangling hair, start from the tip of the hair moving up to the root, always firmly holding directly above the hair you are brushing. This will minimize the stress placed directly on the weft, as you are not tugging the root of the hair out of the weft.
  •     While washing your unit, pay special attention to cleaning the weft, but not to pull or place undue pressure on the hair at the root. This may cause the hair to loosen and slip out of the track
  •     Use a good conditioner, one that will impart softness, moisture and sheen. Allow your conditioner to sit on the hair for 5-10 minutes. This will help to minimize tangling, and maximize the longevity of your unit

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