Glueless Clipless Elastic Integration Caps

How do you secure a lace wig without glue, adhesive, clips, or combs?

WELL introducing our "elastic integration caps", offering a glueless style cap without metal ear tabs. Any stock unit can be converted and this elastic integration is awesome!

  • easy placement
  • wide & thick elastic
  • holds wig secure to your head
  • comfortable to wear
  • blends easily 
  • customized to your head

Combine the elastic integration with the adjustable nape strap and you're set to go. We can still add combs for those who prefer, but it is not needed. This cap is perfect for anyone who wants a secure wig without the use of glues, adhesives, or sew in's.

It is the ultimate choice for anyone suffering from hair loss where using clips or combs may not be an option. 


  • Put your head down, position the lace hairline over your hairline
  • Pull the elastic band behind your head, positioning comfortable around the back of your head
  • Flip  the your head up bringing the nape of the wig down
  • Adjust hairline & Style

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