It is important to maintain the health of your natural hair as well as your Heavenly Lox unit.

Massaging a good all natural butter cream or oil into your scalp will help to keep it moisturized, and will aid in minimized split or damaged ends by sealing the cuticle and preventing them from becoming dry and brittle.

Co- washing your unit once a week will prevent build up  and keep the hair flowing freely. Investing in a good rinse out conditioner will increase the longevity of your unit. A good conditioner will help to keep your unit soft and free flowing, without having to use additional products. If you live in a very dry climate, using a very light moisturizer may help to add sheen and keep hair from becoming dry. 



Now that you have purchased your Heavenly Lox unit, you will want to ensure it lasts for a long time. Here are some tips that will help you keep your unit in maximum condition:

  • Reducing the amount of friction against your hair will help to minimize tangling. Use of a silk pillow case will allow hair to flow freely against it while you sleep. Wearing a silk head tie when you do not need your hair open will help to reduce friction from hair rubbing against clothes, hats, bag straps etc...
  • Keeping hair moisturized especially in dry climates. Use of conditioners, light oils, or your favourite moisturizing sheen, all can help to keep the hair on your unit from becoming dry and brittle. However, do not use excessive product, this will cause a build up in the hair and lead to tangling.
  • Reducing the amount  of exposure to chlorine (eg swimming pools) will help to reduce matting and tangling, as chlorine may strip and dry the hair on your unit. It would be advisable to condition and moisturize your unit well immediately after swimming in pools or other chlorinated water.
  • If you will be visiting a spa, and good way to protect your unit is to wrap it in a cold wet towel.
  • When using curling or flat irons, using a heat protecting spray will help to reduce heat damage to the hair on your unit. Heated rollers are a really great alternative to curling irons. They are significantly gentler on your hair and may therefore be a better choice in order to increase the longevity of your unit.



Cleaning your Heavenly Lox unit on a styrofoam or mannequin head (or similar supportive structure) will help to minimize tangling that can occur during washing. With daily wear, your unit should be co-washed approximately once per week. 

  • Gently comb or brush out any tangles. For curly units you can use your fingers to detangle

  • TIP FOR CURLY UNITS: gradually wet the hair prior to completely washing it. Mix a 10% portion of conditioner with 90% water and begin to spray the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb the hair. Once the hair is saturated, you may proceed with shampooing. Importance of this step: if the hair is dry and you add alot of water at once (ex. dipping it in a sink full of water), the hair may swell similar to a sponge and tangle.

  • Wash with a mild moisturizing shampoo of your choice, making sure to gently clean the lace area well, removing any residue (eg makeup, skin oils, tape or adhesive)

  • Rinse gently and thoroughly using tepid water

  • Apply your preferred conditioner and let sit for at least 5 minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair

  • Rinse gently and thoroughly, gently squeeze out water

  • Pat dry with a towel to remove excess water (Optional)

  • Allow the unit to air dry on the mannequin head or lay flat on a towel,

  • the mannequin head will help to keep the cap shape. However, if the mannequin head is bigger than your head it may cause the cap to stretch, in which case it is better for you to lay it flat to dry