Medical Hair Prosthesis

Here you can customize any unit with specialized caps specifically for our clients who have or will be losing hair due to medical reasons. We have simplified the process here and custom make your cap for a precise fit.

STEP 1 - Decide on your cap preference

Absolutely no glue or tape required to wear any of these unit caps.

STEP 2 - Decide on the hair type

Important definitions:

Remy hair: human hair with cuticles aligned to minimze tangle

Virgin hair: remy hair that has never been chemically processed. Highest quality.

Heavenly Lox BioPur Virgin Hair: Virgin hair that is steamed to achieve texture, no chemicals

Silk Top: Our "conceal-it" silk panel technology employs the use of delicate micro thin silk sheets, triple layered to produce a natural scalp-like base. Each hair strand is injected into the lace, in a process which "hides" the knot at the root. The end result being the most realistic scalp appearance you can achieve on any wig CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE

STEP 3 - Decide on your style of wig

STEP 4 -  Measure your head

STEP 5 - Selection and Order

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