What is a lace wig?

Ladies, lace wigs...lace wigs...... they are basically wigs created on a lace base (swiss or french), and are the secret of the celebrities. Well not really a secret anymore because many everyday ladies are rockin these bad boys. Why these wigs are so popular is because they solve the issue traditional wigs have had for many years... THAT UNREALISTIC HAIRLINE. The lace used on lace wigs are fine delicate pieces that become undetectable when placed against your skin. The hair strands of the wig are sewn onto this lace base, and when place on your head, essentially looks like the hair is growing from your scalp.

There are two types of lace wigs:

    Lace front wig: only the front hairline is made from hand sewn hairs onto a lace base. The back/base of the wig is similar to that of a traditional wig. These wigs can be worn in a low ponytail because they do not have lace around the perimeter of the wig. Your parting room for creating a natural part varies from brand to brand. You should be clear how much lace you will be getting when purchasing a lace front wig
    Full lace wig: the entire wig is made from a lace base which allows total freestyle parting, including high ponytails. Various cap styles are on the market.

Both lace front wigs and full lace wigs can be found in synthetic and human hair alternatives. There are two types of lace available on the market today: Swiss lace or French lace.

    Swiss lace is a delicate and soft lace which is the most undetectable to the eyesight.
    French lace has a more course texture in comparison to Swiss lace and a little more detectable but if you select a good colour match to your skin tone creates a very realistic hairline. French lace is more durable because it is a courser material.

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