Curling Irons vs Hot Rollers

Both curling irons and hot rollers are a necessary part of a ladies arsenal! However, we find one of these items has the edge over the other..... drum roll..... HOT ROLLERS! We love hot rollers because they provide a beautiful, bouncy, voluminous curl. They come in various sizes so you can customize the curl size, and best of all they are gentler on your hair. A good curling iron is essential also for those times you don't have time to set your hair, or if you need a quick touch up.
It is important to find good tools which will not damage your hair. Overuse of a curling iron, or even use of a poor quality curling iron can damage your hair a really reduce the life of your unit.

Our favorites are:

  • Babyliss Professional Electric Ceramic Ionic Hot Roller
  • Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

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