Alternatives for applying lace wigs without glue

Ladies, we try to promote the use of non-adhesive methods for the application of full lace wigs. Many ladies are becoming increasingly wary of applying adhesives to their skin, and would prefer more natural alternatives which would allow us to participate in the more limitless option of full lace units. For those of us who typically wear lace front wigs, in order to escape the need for applying adhesives to our skin... we now have some options.

  1.     Clip & elastic method - An application of stretch elastic on the inside of your wig cap, allowing for a precise fit without the need for adhesives. Simple and effective. Allows for the daily removal of the unit.
  2.     Stitch-in method - A more long term application requiring that you sew on your unit around the perimeter of your hairline.

Both of the methods above have been shown and reviewed by many lovely ladies on YouTube. They provide clear examples of how each method may be employed in order to convert your full lace unit into a "glueless" design. 

We now offer installation services for those in the Vancouver lower mainland. 

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